Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE)

Services that simplify complex systems through an in-depth understanding of the political, operational, economic, technological and interacting context of the systems.  ESE is necessary when the complexities (e.g. scale, uncontrollable inter-dependencies and other uncertainties) break down the assumptions of the theoretical engineering basis where requirements are stable, well-understood, controllable, and includes a small set of stakeholders.

Systems Engineering Services

ITC utilizes our information management, software simulation, and mathematical modeling expertise for the development of engineering planning, requirements development, data collection/capture, systems engineering assessment, implementation strategy and development of a database deployment plan with the ability to utilize a wide variety of computer aided tools.

Data Architecture and Information Technology Services (DA&IT)

Using our detailed understanding of integration approaches, strategies, data formats, and temporal flow of information.  Integrated Thought is also a premier computer technology company in the development of communications platform technology, integrated tool interface utility designs and implementation of those designs, software systems security protocol design and implementation of those designs, and development of integrated architecture/enterprise level systems engineering modeling tool suites.  Internal research and development is being applied to emerging, state-of-the-art computer technologies, in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cross-Platform Architectures, and Distributed Real-Time Services.


ITC offers Conditioned Based Maintenance (CBM) Database and the Maintenance Consolidated Database System (MCDS) subject matter expertise.  Personnel are experienced in developing/maintaining technical document development, functional, performance, interface, and sustainment requirements development, and defining associated modeling approach for highly complex tasks.   Our detailed understanding of CJCSI 3170.01I, Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) and DoDI 5000.02, and Operation of the Defense Acquisition System ensures compliance with governmental directives, regulations and policies.




Projects and Services

Commercial Initiatives

Academia and Research Activities